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Steve Nash played Pickup Basketball in China


This is an old news happened on 8/31/2009, but there is something interesting about it.  Even the best players out there in NBA still have fun playing Pickup Games.  They are not even doing it for health or to improve, but purely just for fun.

China has becoming a super power, not only in terms of economy, but also in terms of atheletic attention.  After getting most amount of gold mdeals in Beijing Olympic 2008, China has proven itself as the top athletic country.  This is one of the reason why citizens of China has also become more active.  With players like Yao Ming being picked into NBA, basketball has become the most popular sport in China.

If you guys ever visit china, go to some basketball court and see whether you can find yourself a good game.  And if you can't find games, Pickup Sports will be coming to China too!

Staying well while traveling and going to conferences, Zinc!


So I've gotten an email from the office giving us some health tips, which I'd love to share with you guys



Hey, everyone - this is not medical advice, in fact it is not advice at all, but I am sharing with you some things that have worked for me to avoid picking up illnesses while traveling and attending conferences (please, don't forward this outside the company, thanks!):


Zinc - Scientists are verifying what Moms have known for a couple decades - Zinc can reduce the severity and duration of colds and flu.



My own "do's and don'ts" for using Zinc:

*DO use Zinc lozenges while traveling on airplanes, or in meetings, anyplace where there are lots of people around

*DO take Zinc lozenges or Wellness Fizz drink, before bedtime each day while attending conferences

*DO take Zinc at the first signs of symptoms of colds or flu

*DO NOT take Zinc on an empty stomach, that can cause nausea

*DO NOT take large quantities of Zinc, nor take Zinc every day - too much Zinc causes other health problems


Some other hints:

-My doctor told me that the cold virus thrives at temperatures below 68 degrees; conversely the least hospitable environment for the cold virus is warm, humid air.  He said that going to Hawaii is a great way to get rid of a cold, but if that is not an option then try keeping the bedroom warm at night while sleeping.

-Drinking plenty of fluids does seem to help, especially warm liquids like tea

-I do use hand sanitizer.  It is great that some companies now have small containers of hand sanitizer as give-aways at their booths at conferences.


Common Cold Treatment for sore throat, stuffy nose, running nose, and cough

I went to ski over the weekend, bad traffic and road blocks have stopped us from getting to Lake Tahoe Ski Resorts.  After the car beings stopped for few hours and our body being fatigued, we ended up slept in the car.  By the time we woke up, I personally had a sore throat and running nose.

Normally I'd take some OTC medication, drink chicken noodle, and try to recover for few days then go back to work.  But I am already at the resort, might as well push my body a little further and enjoy it on the way.

After a cold day of ski, I thought I'd surely fall down and become really sick for next couple of days.  Luckily the hotel had Sauna and Jacuzzi.  I sat in sauna for half an hour, letting my entire body sweat out, then sat in jacuzzi for another hour.  When I came out, my body was so hot that it was having water vapor coming out.  My running nose was immediately cured, sore throat was going away little by little and by 2nd morning, I am completely cured.

Since I am an engineer, I always want to know how things works.  So here is the theory.

Whenever we get a cold or flu virus, they are only used to our normal body temperature.  Our body sometimes heats up to get rid of them which causes a fever.  But by sitting in the Sauna, it heats up our body so all the bacterias and viruses dies off because it can't survive the heat.

So next time when you just got an cold, get in sauna and jacuzzi!  Feel better and go back to play pickup sports!

Pickup Basketball Rules

Pickup basketball can be a fun game, but there are still some rules that people should follow to avoid arguments.  After all, it's just a game, there are more advantages to keep it fun.
  1. You can only claim the court that is not currently open.
  2. Have at least 2 people to claim a half court, 8 people to claim full court.
  3. Form a team that is balanced, otherwise it destroys the fun and the losers will simply quit.
  4. Set the game points, 11 point game, 16 point game or 21 point game.  Regular shots are 1 point and shot from three point lines are 2 points in a pickup game.
  5. If it's first game, you can shoot for who get's the ball first before starting the first round.  Otherwise the winner of last round gets to be offense first.
  6. There are no referees, but violations still apply.
    • For Offense: violation includes traveling, double dribble, offense foul
    • For Defense: violation includes regular foul, intention foul
    • 5 seconds and 3 seconds violations usually isn't included in a pickup game
    • Unless it's intention violation, there are no penalty shot.  The other side simply get's the ball.
  7. After winning, the winning team can decide to play "next" challenger or retire with glory.  If there is no "next" challenger, same teams can start the game again, possibly switching players.

Hopefully this sets some group for those who are looking for Pickup Basketball Rules.  Now go post a pickup game.

Pickup Sports Android Market look and feel

So today Google released honeycomb and had a developer conference, the long waited web portal for the Android Market has finally arrived.  The picture below shows what it looks like, we are very impressed and would love to work on improving the application, new update on android coming soon!!

You can now go to the market and check out the app at http://market.android.com/details?id=com.pickupsports

Pickup Sports, Playing Pickup Games and Finding Activity Partners

This is the first blog post about Pickup Sports, below are the description for the application.

Pickup Sports makes finding pickup games, sports, fitness, workout and running partners in your local areas fun and easy. It is the grand prize winner of "Move Your App" challenge.

Team sports
Track & Field
Running Partners
Fitness Workout
Cardio Workout
Gym Workout Partner
weight training workout
other sports

Pickup Sports are released on both iPhone, Android and Palm's WebOS, you can tell your friends with other phones to join you on those platforms.

To create a new sports or workout, click on Add button and it will take you right there.

To find other sports and workout activities, simply go into the application and you will find them. Since this application is still brand new, there might not be a lot of sports activities around, create one and share it on facebook and everybody will know.

The app was inspired by inspired by Jamie Oliver's TEDPrize wish, to make this world a healthier place.