Common Cold Treatment for sore throat, stuffy nose, running nose, and cough

I went to ski over the weekend, bad traffic and road blocks have stopped us from getting to Lake Tahoe Ski Resorts.  After the car beings stopped for few hours and our body being fatigued, we ended up slept in the car.  By the time we woke up, I personally had a sore throat and running nose.

Normally I'd take some OTC medication, drink chicken noodle, and try to recover for few days then go back to work.  But I am already at the resort, might as well push my body a little further and enjoy it on the way.

After a cold day of ski, I thought I'd surely fall down and become really sick for next couple of days.  Luckily the hotel had Sauna and Jacuzzi.  I sat in sauna for half an hour, letting my entire body sweat out, then sat in jacuzzi for another hour.  When I came out, my body was so hot that it was having water vapor coming out.  My running nose was immediately cured, sore throat was going away little by little and by 2nd morning, I am completely cured.

Since I am an engineer, I always want to know how things works.  So here is the theory.

Whenever we get a cold or flu virus, they are only used to our normal body temperature.  Our body sometimes heats up to get rid of them which causes a fever.  But by sitting in the Sauna, it heats up our body so all the bacterias and viruses dies off because it can't survive the heat.

So next time when you just got an cold, get in sauna and jacuzzi!  Feel better and go back to play pickup sports!