Cornhole Goes Five-Star!

There are few games in this world that are less appreciated for their skill requirement and effort-to-enjoyment ratio than cornhole.  If you're not familiar with the name cornhole, you might be familiar with the terms "corn toss" or "bags".  But "cornhole" is a legitimate game and has a surprisingly strong following with the tailgating and general "leisure" athlete.  (Read: games to be played in the backyard with or without the influence of alcohol.)  Click here to find out more info on the history and regulation rules of this game enjoyed throughout America from the American Corhole Association.

Granted, cornhole was traditionally spotted at tailgate parties, NACSAR races and other less reputable events in America.  But I think it's safe to say that cornhole has emerged as one of the preferred forms of entertainment for America's elite!  Recently, a big Pickup Sports enthusiast was in Scottsdale, AZ and spotted the game being played poolside at a 5-star resort.  Yes, cornhole has reached 5-star status in America!

That being said, I would argue cornhole is one of the best group sports out there because it involves not only the 4 players in the game, but it's also an exceptional spectator sport.  Everyone loves the anticipation of each throw, and the competitive nature of the game always keeps things interesting.  So grab a bag, get your friends and set up a game of cornhole this weekend!