Staying well while traveling and going to conferences, Zinc!


So I've gotten an email from the office giving us some health tips, which I'd love to share with you guys



Hey, everyone - this is not medical advice, in fact it is not advice at all, but I am sharing with you some things that have worked for me to avoid picking up illnesses while traveling and attending conferences (please, don't forward this outside the company, thanks!):


Zinc - Scientists are verifying what Moms have known for a couple decades - Zinc can reduce the severity and duration of colds and flu.


My own "do's and don'ts" for using Zinc:

*DO use Zinc lozenges while traveling on airplanes, or in meetings, anyplace where there are lots of people around

*DO take Zinc lozenges or Wellness Fizz drink, before bedtime each day while attending conferences

*DO take Zinc at the first signs of symptoms of colds or flu

*DO NOT take Zinc on an empty stomach, that can cause nausea

*DO NOT take large quantities of Zinc, nor take Zinc every day - too much Zinc causes other health problems


Some other hints:

-My doctor told me that the cold virus thrives at temperatures below 68 degrees; conversely the least hospitable environment for the cold virus is warm, humid air.  He said that going to Hawaii is a great way to get rid of a cold, but if that is not an option then try keeping the bedroom warm at night while sleeping.

-Drinking plenty of fluids does seem to help, especially warm liquids like tea

-I do use hand sanitizer.  It is great that some companies now have small containers of hand sanitizer as give-aways at their booths at conferences.