For starters!!

So let's start by saying I'm not sure how this entire website works, but it's probably simpler than I think.

I am a New York tennis player, which is ironic because tennis is such an outdoors sport and the weather here has not exactly been all fun in the sun.  I've played high school tennis for four years after having just picked up a racquet my freshman year.  Throughout the years I got good, but not good enough.  I didn't expect to play after high school and honestly neither did anyone else.  

Well jokes on everyone because the coach from Queens College Division II offered me a place on the team!  I did not start because it was my first year and I was still considered inexperienced, but of the 10 or 11 games I was put in for our conference, I had consecutive wins singles and doubles.  Some of the competition were not hard at all, but having that record is a self boosting motivation I needed after much negativity in high school.  At first I didn't think I could juggle work, classes, and tennis in one semester.  

I admit at times I just wanted to shoot myself because it was just so much.  There were some downsides like getting a C- in Geology, but I still believe it was the professor that was hardcore on us! I'm still not sure how I got through the fall semester, but I have a feeling it was my team that helped me a lot.  Our team was very close that I stayed over the dorms many days to hang out and go to class the next day.  We all went out with each other and all of them were older than me so just getting adjusted to college life was a piece of cake with them around.  They are all so nice, but then again none of them are from NY.